Product Overview

Starting life as a simple timesheet system, over the years, TimeWise has grown and changed. Many iterations of enhancements to a simple core product have evolved into strong new versions and their feature sets, drawn on requirements directly sourced from our customers.

This close relationship with the people who use TimeWise daily and see the greater vision for the value of TimeWise means each new version will always provide significant value in the successful management of timesheets and entitlements for TimeWise organisations.

Who will join the TimeWise community next, and where will the next version take its users, to add even greater value?

A time and entitlements system that is live, thriving, and constantly improving, to keep pace with the current needs of its community?

We say it’s about time.

Product Features

  1. Timesheet entry activity lists, limited to relevant activities, and embedded time entry policies guide users towards high quality data capture.

  2. A timesheet calendar shows at a glance which days have been completed and which still need some time entry.

  3. Daily and time entry period targets help people see how the hours they have worked balance against agreed hours.

  4. Flexitime accrual feedback is provided to every user as they enter times, so it's easy to know when enough time has been collected to take a flexi day off.

  5. A range of leave request forms means people can submit a leave request specific to their situation online, for approval by their manager and then notification to payroll.

  6. Where special leave approval is required, an additional stage of executive approval can be added into the leave form workflow.

  7. Leave balances give people applying for leave and people approving leave valuable information about current and future leave entitlement balances.

  8. On the Manager Review page, managers see a summary of work activity across their team and can review and approve easily, whenever it’s convenient.

  9. Working arrangements specific to each employee support different employment agreements, for flexibility around all kinds of work/life commitments.

  10. A suite of powerful dynamic reports provides insight into both details and patterns in hours worked, summaries of entitlements used, and activity and project costings.

  11. All future leave can be reviewed using the Leave Planner, to support needed staffing levels.

  12. Auditors will appreciate the assurance of tidy management shown in the audit history.


  1. Time Entry & Policy Driven Data Capture

    Simple and detailed time entry flexibility, applying your HR policies and ensuring employee entitlements are preserved at the time of capture, to avoid expensive corrective administration later.

  2. Manager Approval & Reminders

    Clear management approval workflows for timesheet activity and hours, using one consistent approval centre for all types of entries. Reminders and follow-ups help maintain a tidy timesheet system across your organisation.

  3. Business Visibility Through Reporting and Workflow Transparency

    Business value and process management reports offer visibility at varying levels, all the way up to executive level workforce intelligence. Workflow status transparency ensures your request forms are never lost.

  4. Flexi Entitlement Management

    The most advanced flexi entitlement management system on the market, purpose-built based on the current South Australian government EB agreement, salaried 2017. Instant balance feedback. A wide range of excess management configuration options.

  5. TOIL & Overtime

    Simple TOIL worked and taken functions, with intuitive balance management tools. Overtime request and approval features, with payroll notifications, approval redirections and audit trails, to enable more advanced labour coding and CHRIS21 data file integration.

  6. Leave Request & Approval Workflow Controls

    Leave integrated with timesheets, with configurable options, from simple timesheet population to advanced workflow and delegation configuration. Leave integration eliminates the need for costly reconciliation efforts.

  7. CHRIS21 Leave Data Sharing

    Developed with the Shared Services department of the South Australian government. Overnight leave data integration with CHRIS21, with entitlement balances retrieved for forecasting and request validations.

  8. Activity-Based Costing

    From simple activity analysis, budget tracking and cost recovery, to an enterprise-level review tool, the TimeWise activity-based costing platform is ready to be tailored to your specific requirements and finance systems.

User Types



TimeWise users are everyone who will use TimeWise to fill out their daily times, engage with their own flexitime tally management, use TimeWise to submit leave, flexitime and TOIL requests, and manage their work targets by reviewing their own times. Everyone can view future leave for their workgroup.



Approvers may or may not enter their own detailed timesheets but can still use TimeWise to book their leave. Approvers have additional responsibilities to review and approve other people’s timesheets and leave/flexi/TOIL requests, and TimeWise workflow email notifications help this happen. Approvers can view future leave plans for their whole team and run a range of reports for people they manage, or across the whole organisation.

System Administrators

System Administrators

TimeWise System Administrators are trained in adjusting TimeWise and its user records and activities, so that TimeWise administration can be kept in-house, minimising system ownership costs.

Case Studies

Entitlement Savings

Entitlement Savings

This government agency reported a saving of $300K in the first six months alone of using TimeWise, by tightening up their entitlements management. They were expecting some savings in this area but the value of TimeWise benefits exceeded their expectations.

Activity Costing

Activity Costing

This government agency hoped to achieve some basic activity costing benefits through using TimeWise. We extended the basic platform to integrate with multiple finance systems. TimeWise has become a vital cog in the machine of their activity costing process, providing them with a reliable, essential answer to their needs.

Leave Reconciliation

Leave Reconciliation

Before TimeWise, it took this government agency two weeks every month to reconcile spreadsheet timesheets and leave with payroll and more time to fix administrative errors. TimeWise has minimised reconciliation time, eliminated the costly errors, and also supports better leave planning and leave request workflows.