The Company Behind TimeWise

In 2006, the first version of TimeWise went live, and since then, Dragonfly Software has worked closely with client feedback to evolve TimeWise into the sophisticated and powerful software of its current form.

Since 2002, we have created smart and useful workflow software for a variety of industries. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Dragonfly Software has helped organisations locally, nationally and internationally, developing workflow software for a Microsoft platform from the ground up, to ensure an ideal solution fit for each need.

Dragonfly Software offers the experience that comes with longevity and a singular focus on workflow software, while remaining agile and responsive to customisation needs. Most importantly, we strongly believe you deserve software built by people who care about what you need.

Key People

Shane Squires

Software Development and Delivery Manager, Director

Springing from the solid theoretical underpinnings of a university computer science degree into live industry development management over twenty-five years ago, Shane’s depth of expertise across the entire life cycle of workflow software development grows ever richer with the years. He is valued for his outstanding design capabilities and uncanny ability to accurately estimate any development activities, ensuring no wasted costs and timely delivery, by the development team, of clever and robust software solutions. With the technical nouse of a head backroom geek but the charm of someone who can happily talk software with people across all areas of an organisation, you can rest assured your solution delivery is in the best hands. He also happens to listen to ridiculously heavy music when he wants to wind down.

Katrina Finlayson

Business Development Manager, Director

Katrina is the type of pleasant person who can make any business discussion enjoyable. But beyond the sunny charisma is a genuine desire to build strong relationships between Dragonfly Software and the companies with which we work closely. Katrina has worked in a broad range of roles within the software development industry for over twenty years and these days primarily brings her skills to a strategic role to ensure the longevity of our company as well as yours. Dragonfly Software prides itself on doing business simply and honestly, and Katrina will gracefully move mountains to help make your experience of working with Dragonfly Software smooth and successful. After hours an avid reader and sometimes creative writer, Katrina would be happy to recommend you a good book at any time.